GBA Conference and CA Blockchain Working Group

GBA Conference jan 2020

We’ve got two announcements for you regarding the Government Blockchain Association(GBA) conference and the California Blockchain Working Group. CA Blockchain Working Group The California Blockchain Working Group will be holding […]

The new UCC (Uniform Commercial Code)


On January 7th, I attended a meeting of the Emerging Technologies and Payment Systems Subcommittee under the Uniform Law Commission. I’m providing insight on the events of that call. Additionally, […]

Crypto Legislation – Dec. 15th – 21st

Shopping Cart full of Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum) and California State Flag

Week of December 15-21st, 2019 As the end of the year winds down, so does crypto legislation work. The week before Christmas I attended a ULC(Uniform Law Commission) subcommittee meeting […]