Chris Groshong

CEO, Founder & Visionary

I was first bitten by the Bitcoin bug in late 2012, but it wasn’t until late 2014 when I recognized I had to build my own path into the industry.

It all began with my involvement and organization of the Bitcoin San Diego Meetup group, the creation of CoinStructive, a consulting firm specializing in research and software development to help companies, startups and enterprises utilize blockchain technology solutions, a podcast: LAB Radio, and US regulatory, policy and legislative work.

CoinStructive also provides Certified Continuing Education training targeting the intersection of state law enforcement, banking compliance professionals and the legal community. Our focus on education has helped empower founders, entrepreneurs, executive teams and policy makers to make well informed, confident decisions. 

I possess a unique ability to bring calm, focus and motivation. This stems from my keen sense of awareness, emotional intelligence and ability to respond appropriately in tough situations. I can maintain a low profile, blend into any environment or lead a group and be public facing.

I am a proponent of and helped shape the Uniform Law Commission’s Virtual-Currency Businesses Act. I co-sponsored the formation of the Consumers’ Research guiding principles for “Protecting Consumers in the Digital Currency Economy ” with Microsoft. I am a Certified Fraud Investigator, have provided Federal Expert Witness testimony, provided US State Department sponsored events for foreign diplomats and was a Chief Compliance Officer for a Bitcoin ATM company.

Most recently, I became the host of the San Diego chapter of the Government Blockchain Association(GBA) to help bridge the gap between elected officials and emerging technologies specific to distributed ledgers and decentralized finance tech. I currently sit on several subcommittees for the ULC/ALI’s hosted discussions about how the Uniform Commercial Code(UCC) applies with respect to virtual currencies. I am also working with California State Legislators in conjunction with the California Blockchain Working Group.