Phittle.com – A new ecosystem for News and Journalism presented by Sam Litvin

Bitcoin Empowers Controversial Groups – Antiwar.com presented by Angela Keaton

Bitcoin Beats YouTube – Pop Chest presented by Valerian Bennett

OpenBazaar Decentralized Marketplaces by Brian Hoffman

While still forming CoinStructive, Chris began helping host San Diego Bitcoin Meetups in the summer of 2015 when one of the Co-Organizers had become too busy with their own StartUp. You may have heard of the Bitcoin Wallet StartUp, Airbitz.  Having a great local success story like Airbitz  to help keep ongoing active MeetUps has been crucial to the groups long term success in San Diego.

For the general population bold enough to investigate more about a certain topic, these Meetup groups usually act as a first contact point. It’s a great way to foster a knowledgeable community that will also help evangelize. Join your local Meetup Group today. They should be free to join.