Our Mission

At CoinStructive, our mission is to educate people, society, organizations and the marketplace about Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and other related applications, so they can make confident, well-informed business decisions.

A Digital Consultancy

Our practices are to inform our clients with a hands on approach. We give them access to the highest quality and most easily understood material available. Once educated, our clients can comfortably make informed decisions in gaining their financial independence.

Forward Thinking

It’s not always easy to see the future. Luckily, there’s enough data showing digital payments are only going to increase globally over the next 20 years. We’re positioning ourselves for a new and emerging industry.

Problem Solvers

Solutions aren’t easy to create, especially when we’ve been trained to accept the norm. We inform businesses of new financial solutions to problems they didn’t think they could fix.

Customer Support

We understand the difficulties grasping this topic. Our staffs number one focus is to remove the fear of the unknown and replace it with extreme confidence in your financial activities, while saving you money at the same time.

Our Vision

CoinStructive is a boutique blockchain consulting firm with a focus on humanizing projects to engage users while delivering high-quality outcomes for our clients. We put an emphasis on education, communication and customer service.

Our Story

The CoinStructive team is passionate about financial technology and the freedom it brings people. As new solutions come to market, you need an industry leader on your side. Whether you’re looking to economize your business or maintain your family’s wealth, we will be by your side, bringing you the quality information you need to make wise decisions.

  • Education 90%
  • Marketing 60%
  • Merchant Adoption 65%
  • Non-Profit Collaborations 40%
  • Customer Satisfaction 90%

The Team

Chris Groshong

Chris Groshong

CEO, Founder & Visionary

Chris has assembled a nationwide team that is advancing the rate of bitcoin adoption. With a focus on clarity, he is leading CoinStructive to provide a painless transitioning platform for businesses and individuals who are interested in using bitcoin. Marking the first bitcoin transaction in Cuba as a milestone, Chris looks towards the development of Bitcoin as a global reserve currency. His strategy of adoption is based on trust, transparency and community engagement. Chris’ vision involves bringing legitimacy through thoughtful conversation and legacy-commodity conversion in the bitcoin space. See more about Chris

  • Networking 75%
  • Public Speaking 85%
  • Educating 60%
Aaron Mangal

Aaron Mangal

Coinsultant / Marketing Specialist

Aaron grew up in a Foreign Service family living abroad in Southeast Asia (Pakistan, Thailand, and the Philippines) for 7 years before returning to the suburbs of Silver Spring, Maryland.
After High School he attended NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina and graduated with a degree in Business Management, concentrating in Marketing. Interested in fresh, unique entrepreneurial experiences he spent the next 10+ years in different start-up business environments wearing various hats in marketing, sales, management and operations.

See more about Aaron

  • Content Marketing 80%
  • Activities Coordination 50%
  • Business Development 60%
Derek Andonian

Derek Andonian

Content Manager

Derek comes from a background in graphic design and website building. Along with maintaining the website back end and managing social media content for CoinStructive, Derek has also served as Chair of Publicity for four years at the church he attends. After becoming interested in Bitcoin, Derek was very inspired by its revolutionary qualities and potential to change the world- so he built ontheblockchain.net to share news and opinions about what’s happening in the blockchain space- and also to tell people about Bitcoin and how it works, and why its underlying technology is so significant.

See more about Derek

  • Photoshop 65%
  • Content Building 85%
  • Illustrator 40%
Caterina Rindi

Caterina Rindi


Caterina has been involved in the bitcoin/blockchain ecosystem since late 2013, educating and introducing non-technical audiences to the bitcoin currency and underlying blockchain protocol, organizing Bitcoin Meetups and events, and working with crypto-currency startups along with other fintech clients. Her background is in education, project management, and community engagement, and she is completing the Certified Bitcoin Professional qualifications. Caterina is a consultant and multilingual speaker, traveling frequently between Europe and the United States, and worldwide. See more about Caterina

  • Education 80%
  • Project Management 65%
  • Event Planning 70%
Michael Scott

Michael Scott

Resident Blogger

Michael Scott is a Denver-based journalist specializing in thought-pieces on the new digital economy. A native of Columbus, Ohio, Michael began his professional career as a healthcare human resources executive working for three hospitals over a twelve year period. In 1993 he started an organizational development consulting firm where his work took him to 46 of the 50 states and a number of foreign countries. Michael has been writing for well over fifteen years and has produced pieces that have appeared in Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, Anthem Vault News, Comstock’s Magazine and many others.

See more about Michael

  • Writing 85%
  • Advising 45%
  • Networking 65%
Adella Toulon-Foerster, LLM

Adella Toulon-Foerster, LLM


Adella is a dedicated legal professional with over a decade of experience in the alternative currency space. In 2001, she helped build one of the world’s first customized online gold-backed payment platforms. Her legal thesis “Bitcoin: Strength in Numbers” detailed bitcoin’s possible disruptive effects on the status quo of legacy banking. Adella has spoken extensively on cryptocurrencies, the regulations surrounding them and remittance markets. Adella is passionate about blockchain technology and looks forward to a world where the disenfranchised and the un/underbanked can truly reap the benefits of decentralized technology. See more about Adella

  • Legal Matters 80%
  • Public Speaking 45%
  • Regulation & Compliance 65%

Timely Savings

We know how time consuming it can be when trying to learn something obscure on your own. Our clients can save enormous amounts of time by utilizing our expertise to gain the information they need while having solutions provided all in one convenient place.

Innovative Ideas

It’s our responsibility to bring the innovation to the table and show our clients how they can implement it into their lives and businesses. We get excited about sharing ideas and working together to increase our clients quality of life.

Advanced Technology

In this day and age it’s more important now than ever to stay up on the newest tech. We help our clients harness the power of using the Bitcoin network and the Blockchain technology infrastructure giving them a One-Up on their competition.

Clear Communication

Its very important to us you understand and are confident in your knowledge. We do everything in our power to convey clearly the most crucial aspects of this new frontier.

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