Veldt Gold

“Since using CoinStructive’s Bitcoin consulting services, Veldt Gold has been able to save an incredible amount of business overhead costs. From the reduction of fraud, to the elimination of merchant processor fees, Veldt Gold is now a leader in the very competitive gold and silver bullion industry. We owe so much of this success to […]

Trisha Ellis

“Chris was professional and extremely helpful in recovering the Bitcoins I lost on greenaddress. I think his rates are very reasonable, and it was great working with him. Im sure I’ll be needing his services in the future.”

Waiting For The Bitcoin Killer App

Written by Derek Andonian There has been a lot of speculation about when the Bitcoin “Killer App” might be found.  That is, what will we be able to do with Bitcoin that we won’t be able to live without once it catches on?  Many have said that Bitcoin has struggled to gain mainstream acceptance because […]