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Since 2019, we have assisted lawyers and law firms to ensure positive results for their clients’ cryptocurrency focused cases.

Cryptocurrency is often a go-to solution for hiding assets, and not all traditional forensic accountants have the tools or experience to investigate it. Blockchain asset expertise is essential in cases where digital assets play a role. CoinStructive’s Cryptocurrency Investigation services can give you and your practice an advantage.

CoinStructive has been assisting law firms and attorneys with all things cryptocurrency for close to a decade. We provide a broad range of Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Forensics Investigations services, suitable throughout multiple practices areas:

  • Family Law
    • Look at financial statements to determine how shared funds were used to purchase crypto
    • Generate a detailed purchase and use analysis report of commingled funds
    • Use these analytic methodologies to build a narrative of crypto usage
  • Subject Matter Expert
    • Civil Litigation
    • Sim Swap

No matter the field, CoinStructive has the tools and expertise for the case. Our crypto investigations, reporting, and expert testimony have led to favorable outcomes for all clients utilizing our service.

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Meet Your Expert Witness

Chris Groshong is a Certified Fraud Investigator who focuses on helping victims of cryptocurrency scams. He is also the Chief Compliance Officer for several crypto financial institutions including Bitcoin ATM operators, OTC exchanges, Wallet operators, DeFi platforms and more. He helps oversee money transmitter licensing and regulatory affairs for his clients at a fraction of the cost to that of attorneys. 

He is a member of the CFCIA (California Financial Crimes Investigators Association), Government Blockchain Association, The Chamber of Digital Commerce, ACFCS, ACFE, ACAMS, and has served as an Expert Witness in a Federal fraud case involving Bitcoin and Monero. He also has a public-private partnership with the FBI through Infragard.

    Chris’ foray into public policy, legislation, and advocacy started in 2016 when his company, CoinStructive, co-sponsored along with Microsoft and Bloq, the guiding principles for “Protecting Consumers in the Digital Currency Economy” published by the Consumer’s Research group in Washington DC. In 2017, he was a proponent of and helped shape the Uniform Law Commission’s, Uniform Regulation of the Virtual-Currency Businesses Act, also known as the URVCBA. 

    From 2019 through 2023, he has participated as an observer on several subcommittees for the Uniform Law Commission and American Law Institute’s hosted discussions to amend the Uniform Commercial Code(UCC) with respect to virtual currencies. In 2020, Chris voluntarily contributed to the California Blockchain Working Group. In 2023, Chris testified against Senate Bill 401 – Digital financial asset transaction kiosks – at the California Senate Banking & Finance Committee hearing on March 29th. 

    “Our mission is to provide clients with a trusted partner for their Blockchain Forensics & Investigations needs at affordable prices. The data in our reports can be reliably confirmed by third parties. Our reports also provide legal professionals, arbitrators, judges and jurors a clear understanding of how & when the digital assets moved from one place to another, which goes a long way in proving the outcomes you want.”