LAB Radio Episode 31 – South Korea Blockchain week and Cryptocurrency scene with Andrew Lee, FOMO MASTERNODE

In this episode, we’re in the thick of Korea Blockchain week for our roadshow and we wanted to introduce you to one of the top movers, shakers and connectors, named Andrew Lee.

Andrew Lee (pictured left) and Chris Groshong (pictured right)

Andrew has an MBA and Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting and Economics from The Wharton School | University of Pennsylvania. He’s built an extensive professional and personal network worldwide, having spent 15 years in Asia and the rest in the U.S.

As a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and investment banker, Andrew worked at storied institutions such as Apple, a multi-billion dollar Tiger hedge fund, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and Enron. As Andrew hosted multiple upscale events, his clients were multi-billionaires, and his sponsors were Diageo, Uber, Red Bull, Ultra Music Festival and New Face Models.

Andrew Lee of FOMO Masternode headshot

“As a global organization, FOMO MASTERNODE operates as a red carpet, curated events company and crypto fund, involving some of the biggest names in crypto worldwide. The network and participants are comprised of global & local media, influencers, market makers, exchanges, investment funds, lawyers, syndicates and ICOs … represented from all parts of the world: Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Beijing, New York City, Taipei, Singapore, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Thailand, Israel, Hong Kong, etc. The main driver of the company are the events, and the fund is just a by-product given all the publicity and access. What I do is an art — it’s an indirect and subtle way of marketing, fundraising and building brand awareness, globally. These all go hand-in-hand, and if executed well, the outcome is immensely synergistic.”

~Andrew Lee, founder of FOMO MASTERNODE

Sponsors for the July 14th, 2018 FOMO MASTERNODE event included:

Final Fomo masternode flyer

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • About Andrew’s background as an investment banker and VIP hospitality host for billionaires around the world
  • That macroeconomics was the initial gateway into Andrew’s transition into finance, and eventually Wall Street
  • FOMO MASTERNODE’s story and how it is helping build the ecosystem in Asia and the United States
  • How he came up with the idea and built a global brand from scratch
  • His prior history organizing & hosting events for VIPs, billionaires, hedge fund & private equity CEOs, venture-backed startups
  • How this was the genesis to FOMO MASTERNODE
  • What Andrew does in his personal time when not working
  • Warnings about not over-doing things as Andrew did trading Bitcoin Futures

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