LAB Radio Episode 33 – Seoul Korea’s Beyond Blocks with Jack Tan of Kronos, a platform bringing elite trading strategies to the average investor

In this episode, we’re at the Beyond Blocks in Seoul (the “capital city”), Korea. Chris Groshong, CEO of CoinStructive, caught up with Jack Tan of Kronos Token, a platform aimed at allowing token holders to access the same elite algorithmic trading strategies used by hedge funds.

Jack Tan of Kronos and Chris Groshong of CoinStructive

Kronos helps to bridge the gap between retail untrained investors and the 1% who have unfair access to the majority of global wealth. Kronos and its team disagrees with this premise. To solve this problem, Kronos sources and nurtures elite investing and trading talent which opens up the skillsets and strategies of these teams to KRON holders.

In addition, Kronos leverages a variety of time-tested investment methodologies to battle unstable and volatile markets and pass the value to the users. This allows investors to benefit from enterprise trading strategies which help stabilize and even grow portfolios despite turbulent market conditions.

As stated on the Kronos website:

We are changing the rules once and for all. All KRON holders will have a chance to access the best strategies in quantitative trading and other investments within crypto. The mission of the KRONOS project is to:

  • Attract, foster and retain the best trading talent globally
  • Remove access barriers to the top investments
  • Maximize resilience of the ecosystem through the intelligence of decentralized governance

Our strategies carry a range of risk and return profiles, but are generally uncorrelated from the market. This means they can profit even when asset prices are falling. We will begin with high-frequency market making and proprietary trading, but will quickly add teams to trade “smart index”, statistical arbitrage, and discretionary small-cap strategies.

An infographic of the Kronos token model
The Kronos token helps bring elite trading strategies to the average investor

Had a great time learning from Jack of Kronos at Beyond Blocks in Seoul, Korea. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Jack moved to the US when he was 7 with humble beginnings
  • What problem Kronos solves for investors
  • The limited choices and options available to the average retail investor
  • How Kronos provides access to liquidity, market making and trade execution
  • Why Kronos structured their coin in Taipei, Taiwan with a focus on Asian markets first
  • An example of the use cases and stories from users of the platform
  • The future outlook and vision of Kronos
  • How Kronos uses quantitative algorithms to drive intelligent trading 24/7/365 regardless of bull or bear markets
  • Why Jack believes in thinking long-term and creating something bigger than yourself

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