LAB Radio Episode 36 – What is Coinigy? A cross-exchange charting, portfolio, trading, and research platform

In this episode of LAB Radio, Aaron Mangal discusses the Coinigy platform with Derek Urben, CFO of Coinigy, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This service provides a cross-exchange charting, portfolio management, trading, and research platform stretches across over 45 exchanges with 75+ technical indicators all under a single pane of glass interface.

On the alerts side of things, you can trigger SMS, E-Mail and in-browser price alerts to your customized parameters powered by low-latency data feeds. (E.g. Bitcoin alert when it goes up or down at least 20%)

Derek Urben, CFO of Coinigy

Derek Urben, CFO at Coinigy

In addition, they allow instant access to real-time APIs and historical data and there’s the ability to leverage enterprise-grade data feeds for individuals and institutions.

Using a monthly subscription model, the platform allows users a wide cornucopia of data sets and access to exchanges including the possibility to execute trades through a secure Application Programming Interface (API).

Coinigy Interface Screenshot

The API is live, real-time data powered by the Coinigy CryptoFeed™. This API stretches across 41 exchanges, 3,516 markets and 3.468 cryptocurrencies.

Picture of the Coinigy API

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • About Derek’s origin story and how he got started in the Cryptocurrency space
  • Who the users of the platform are
  • Why they don’t hold user funds
  • The emergence of just about anything “as a service”
  • Why the membership subscription model was chosen
  • Basic security practices and architecture behind the platform and how it protects users
  • Why APIs are a common practice along with cloud computing for traditional trading houses
  • About their research arm and the types of information they aggregate
  • How they position as an aggregator allows a non-biased exploration of the ecosystem
  • Why the future of firms, mergers and private equities will shift dramatically

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