LAB Radio Episode 40 – NEO Global Capital fund, investing in Asia, emerging markets and the Blockchain

In this episode of LAB Radio, Chris Groshong and Aaron Mangal discuss the NEO Global Capital fund, investing in Asia, emerging markets and the Blockchain.

Roger Lim partner at NEO Global Capital

Roger Lim, Partner at NEO Global Capital

Roger is an experienced angel and blockchain investor, entrepreneur and technologist. He previously founded Webvisions, a managed cloud hosting company which he sold to a private equity firm. He is an advisor for Bluzelle, Qlink, CoinFi, Selfkey, TheKey, Tomocoin, 0Chain, nOS, Open Platform. Roger is now a founding partner of NEO Global Capital.


Tony Gu, partner at NEO Global Capital

Tony Gu, Partner at NEO Global Capital

Tony is an experienced Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) professional and blockchain investor. Tony is a founding partner at NEO Global Capital (NGC) and is a partner of Rhodium Capital and Longstand Capital. He has done deals in Financial Services, Consumer, Health Care and TMT sectors, with a transaction value exceeding $1 Billion.

We discuss investing in Asia, emerging markets, preserving wealth and the NEO Global Capital fund.

NEO Global Capital (NGC) is registered and licensed in Singapore as an asset management platform initiated by key members of the NEO community and international capital market veterans. The fund sets out to facilitate the most inspiring
efforts to advance Blockchain technology.

NGC is comprised of two main funds:

  1. Fund I – This is the main fund which invests in top blockchain projects, both within and out of the NEO Ecosystem. The NEO foundation is the limited partner with majority ownership.
  2. NEO Eco Fund – This helps the best initiatives powered by NEO by directly investing or strategic alliances. The NEO foundation is the sole limited partner in the fund.

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After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Roger and Tony met each other and began investing together
  • The structure and focus of the two NEO Global Capital funds they manage
  • Key initiatives and project categories that investment occurs in
  • Emerging markets that they see activity and investment in
  • The things that are most exciting to Roger and Tony
  • Why Networking, building trust and opening doors for others is so important
  • How NGC focuses on not just investing in firms but adding value
  • The challenges around finding and retaining talent
  • Strategies and tactics to consider when looking at markets and investing

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