LAB Radio Episode 48 – The International Blockchain Accelerator (IBA) with Barbara Bickham

On this LAB Radio, episode Aaron Mangal talks technology, Blockchain and BUIDLing with Barbara Bickham, founder of Trailyn Ventures and the International Blockchain Accelerator.

Barbara Bickham, CTO, Entrepreneur founder of the International Blockchain Accelerator

Barbara Bickham is a CTO, Investor and Entrepreneur and Chief of Block at the International Blockchain Accelerator

Barbara is a Berkley, University of Chicago Alumni, coder, CTO and Technology Advisor with extensive experience across industries like: FinTech, Fashion, Wearables, Wireless, Security, Media and Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Her current areas of expertise are in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Internet of Things (IoT).

She even won an award from Gartner for her work writing a REST API for an IoT platform.

“I bridge the gap between professionals that speak in technology terms with professionals that speak primarily in financial terms. I represent a company to investors, key clients and strategic partners.

I also have over 4 years experience preparing and evaluating companies for private equity or venture capital financing. Founded an investment association connecting Southern California businesses with venture funding.” -Barbara Bickham

The International Blockchain Accelerator Menu

The International Business Accelerator is a combination of private sector and non-profit entities’ efforts:

“The International Business Accelerator is a joint program of the Community Vitalization Council, an economic development non-profit, and K5 Ventures, an early-stage venture fund that partners with and invests in technology-driven businesses led by visionary founders.The IBA was started in 2014 with support from the US Small Business Administration…

…In 2018 the IBA announced its first sector-specific accelerator cohort on Blockchain for Global Growth taking place at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. In 2019 the IBA will announce new cohorts for more advanced tech, Global Fintech, Female-founders & Women-led companies, a partnership with Southern California’s leading hardware accelerator and a Menlo Park cohort partnering with international legal and accounting firms in Silicon Valley.”

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Barbara began as a coder and eventually CTO, investor, entrepreneur and advisor
  • The Catalyst for Barbara to cross the worlds of Investing and Technology
  • The emergence of Digital Coast and eventually Blockchain Beach in Socal
  • The state of the startup scene in LA when Barbara first began
  • What a CTO is a what role they play in a company and how they keep up in a fast-moving Blockchain world
  • About the International Blockchain Accelerator hosted by USC’s Marshall Business School at the Blackstone Launchpad
  • How many startups don’t realize they are creating a Global company when starting a Blockchain focused project
  • What types of people are joining the accelerator and what they learn
  • The most exciting things to Barbara about the Blockchain world

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Barbara presenting at the LA CTO Mixer:

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