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Of all the people to run into during the Unconfiscatable conference in Las Vegas, it was awesome to see Scott Bambacigno. AlphaPointScott, as he’s known, is one of the first people I remember being involved in a crypto company as early as 2014. Not only is he a rockstar amongst his peers, he is a founding member of AlphaPoint. AlphaPoint is one of those companies that you probably don’t know exists. It’s a software company with one of its main focuses on helping its clients build crypto exchanges.

Scott and I grabbed a quiet corner and some loungey black leather chairs, then settled in to catch up. I asked him why he chose to attend Tone Vays’ Unconfiscatable conference and whether or not he is a maximalist. Scott dives into how he got started with Bitcoin and his career in Silicon Valley. He talks about what the industry was like in 2013. We get into topics like, “What is a Blockchain?” and how some archaic systems are poised for collapse. He shares his bright outlook on how the industry may mature and grow.

About Scott Bambacigno

Senior sales leader with over 15 years of experience driving revenue for startups and well-established businesses. With a consistent and successful record of revenue attainment as an individual contributor, entrepreneur, and sales leader, my focus is on making my company, team members, and – most importantly – my clients successful.

As a company leader responsible for the sales and marketing teams I play a lead role in defining strategy and tactical execution to win on product, marketing, and business development. As head of sales, I recruit and hire sales and marketing talent, define value proposition, sales strategy, presentation, pricing, and competitive positioning.

Intellectually curious and creative, as a continuous learner I dedicate time for reflection and self-improvement. Strong focus on taking care of teammates. Adaptive and introspective, willing to learn, teach, lead and follow.

As one of the faces of the company, I am active in the ecosystem attending events, presenting at conferences and acquiring strategic business accounts on a global scale. Track record of success with world-class enterprises and top brands (some cannot be named at this time) including Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Scotiabank, Credit Suisse, IBM, American Express, Wolters Kluwer, Campbell’s Soup Company,, and


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