Vault Logic is a all-in-one kiosk containing a traditional ATM and multi Cryptocurrency BTM, while also featuring Cash as a Service (CaaS). Some of the features include:

Features of Vault Logic Machines

This is not just a “ATM” only dispensing Cryptocurrency (of which it offers many beyond Bitcoin). It can handle buying cell phone minutes and will eventually allow users to pay bills through the kiosk. There is also a feature where the machine will pay users a premium by offering higher than spot market prices to help clear the machine of cash. There are also display ads on the machine which has a revenue share built in with the venue hosting the machines.

Here are the technical specifications of the machine:

Under The Hood

We covered topics including how to pick a company to work with in the Blockchain space, what’s the scene like and of course all about the Vault Logic Kiosk itself. We also covered some bio-hacking and practices Cassi engages in to stay balanced in her busy work world.



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Further Reading and Resources

Vault Logic | Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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Cassi Konopasek of Vault Logic | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

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