LAB Radio Episode 60 – Anchor, a Stable-coin Pegged to the Global Economy with Daniel Popa CEO

Daniel Popa, CEO of Anchor

Daniel Popa, CEO of Anchor

Welcome to episode 60 of LAB Radio. In this episode, we had a chat with Daniel Popa, CEO of Anchor. Anchor is a “stable currency designed to preserve and enhance the value of your holdings. Anchor is pegged to the value of the global economy, protected by a safety net comprised of six pillars.”

Daniel elaborates on his LinkedIn:

“Anchor is addressing one of the biggest issues in the global economy – how to preserve monetary value over time, stabilize the value of any given currency, lower its volatility and prevent devaluation.

Anchor aims to solve the problem of transparency, liquidity, guarantee and trust on a global scale and thus tackle these burning issues directly, with the introduction of stability, facilitated by a decentralized true stable token and backed by the purchase of sovereign debt as the backing for the two-token system.

Additionally, Anchor goes a step further than other cryptos, and proposes a solution for the systemic issue of instability in the financial markets in general. We have devised an innovative and universal monetary value measurement Standard, in the form of a Proprietary mathematical algorithm – the Monetary Measurement Unit (MMU).

The MMU is a true representation of the value of the global economy and an index based on the real GDP of more than 190 countries of the word.

In light of this, Anchor’s value will be pegged to the MMU directly, providing a stable and dependable unit to store and preserve monetary value over many decades, as opposed to crypto and fiat currencies that are more susceptible to fluctuation as a result of market forces and the volatility of global and local economic landscapes.”

How Anchor Works

How Anchor’s two-peg System Works

What you will learn during this episode:

  • Who is Daniel Popa and his background
  • What problem they’re solving and why
  • Danie’s answer to: Why we need another stable coin
  • What the MMU index is and why its proprietary
  • Why they use a two-token system
  • What is the ultimate goal of the project and tokens? (Store of value, Investment vehicle)
  • What resources he would recommend for people to learn more

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