LAB Radio Episode 61 – Anthony Paglino – Community Manager – Starfish Network SF

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Anthony Paglino, Community Manager at Starfish Network SF

Welcome to LAB Radio episode 61. Chris recently spent some time in San Francisco and had the great fortune to run into Anthony Paglino at Starfish Network’s coworking space. Starfish Network is an agnostic blockchain community focused on building web 3.0 and providing a space for the community to leverage for events and meetings. Starfish Network was started by Alicia Ferratusco when the SF community was feeling pangs over lack of community space. Anthony came to Starfish from Tampa because he believes in the necessity to build tools for the future and San Francisco is the place where it can be accomplished.

Anthony has an interesting past, which includes living in China after he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2008. Instead of looking at the recession as a bad thing, he took the opportunity to focus on learning how the world’s most populous economy ran. Anthony is optimistic and realizes timing as well as location are important components to success.

As a side project, Anthony is focused on how to token precipitous rainfall called RainCube. Aligned with his mission at Starfish Network, he hopes to help bring dApps into existence that benefit humanity and are easily replicable and adaptable. He believes blockchains will have some hyperlocalization in future, but still remain a part of the main chain.

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Things you will learn during this episode:

We get perspective from Anthony about his time living in China.

Where he feels the industry is headed and his plans to stay at the forefront

Ideas around how we change the structure of economies to make them regenerative, rather than extractive.

The Starfish Network’s mission and plan to build a decentralized coworking network.

How the path to enlightenment might be through cryptocurrency and blockchain.

What other projects Anthony is working on and much more.

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