Ep 66 (Part 2) – BitShares, BEOS and Quintric, a family of Graphene based Blockchain Projects

What is Graphene, BitShares and BEOS?

This is part 2 of a deep dive chat with Michael Taggart, BitShares . We discuss why they created BEOS and the practicality of creating a EOS clone.

Michael Taggart, co-founder of BEOS and Quintric

Michael is a long time BitShares supporter and recently helped co-found an EOS clone to act as a middle-chain between BitShares and EOS networks and tokens.

Quintric has tokenized real gold coins and legal tender

Quintric bridges Gold, Cash (Legal Tender), and Crypto

This powerful trifecta, combines the best of three worlds some which have hundreds of years of law and regulation behind them.

During this episode, you will learn:

  • Why BEOS was created

  • How the marketplace demands certainty such as the identity and location of Block Producers
  • Why Utah was chosen as a venue for the BEOS Limited Cooperative Association (BCLA)
  • How their legal team knows how to get policy accomplished and structure using pre-existing legal tender and 
  • How Terradac, a private enterprise that funded BEOS, interfaces with the BCLA
  • How their operation and fund management system for the BCLA operates
  • How they are moving toward trust-less gateway and counterparty settlements
  • What Quintric is and why it is positioned as legal tender
  • A just announced on this show $50 gold bill that Quintric is rolling out

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