LAB Radio Ep 67 – Bitcoin2019 – Josie Bellini – Crypto Artist and Designer

Josie Bellini,  Crypto Artist and Designer  

On episode 67 of LAB Radio, Crypto Artist Josie Bellini chats with your host, Chris Groshong from Bitcoin2019.

Some might think the path is obvious for an artist and crypto lover. Create, Incorporate and Sell your works for crypto, but not Josie Bellini. Her passion for cryptocurrency and its ethos not only inspires her creative works, but also her innovative side.

Having a background in finance, specifically private wealth management, Josie invested personally in Ethereum and became interested more after its rise. After taking a full stack web development course at Northwestern University and doing design for a few blockchain and crypto companies, she knew she could contribute in very cool ways to the industry. 

After one of her pieces went viral on Reddit, her arrival in the industry was cemented. Crypto Art was now her full time gig.

In this episode Josie Bellini shares with us:

  •  Which is her favorite piece?
  • If her pieces are political or if they have special meaning to her?
  • Why she uses Augmented Reality (AR)?
  • What’s new and coming down the pipeline for Josie’s art?
  • The intersection of Cryptocurrency and AR/VR tech adoption issues.
  • How the addition of AR to her existing pieces has increased demand and keeps her collectors gushing.
  • How NFT’s are adding to her art repertoire while adding digital scarcity.

 -“Filter out the Fiat, Breathe in the Truth” – Josie Bellini   

Josie feels the relationships she’s built through these online communities has been invaluable. She is humbled by the great support, interest and knowledge she has received from both the online and the physical world.  As much as she loves the online community, the Twitter community that pushes negativity and the plethora of scam projects still marketing themselves well is dragging down the overall morale and needs a higher level of maturity. 

All in all, Josie’s involvement in the cryptocurrency and blockchain tech communities has helped open her mind to a totally different reality. 

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