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Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Chicago Meetup


Chicago’s Queen of Crypto 

When I noticed the talented Hannah Rosenberg would be speaking at the Avantpay |19 conference, you have no idea how happy I became. I had recently visited Chicago at the end of August and I was able to sit down with Hannah and record an episode. Unfortunately, the recording had some technical issues and it was unusable. I wasn’t going to let a second opportunity slip by. 

Hannah got started in crypto back in 2014 and is one of the most involved and passionate people in the industry. She is the Managing Director of the Blockchain Institute, the Lead Organizer of the B.O.B. meetup (Bitcoin and Open Blockchain),  an adjunct faculty member at UIC (University of Illinois Chicago) and the founder of Velas Commerce. 

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Hannah was representing Velas Commerce at the Avantpay conference. So I asked her what she was hoping to get out of this event. She was really curious to hear the Cannabis Industries thoughts on crypto. Additionally, Hannah shares with us her take on the intersection of cannabis, crypto and payments. She also identifies why it is important to get out of the crypto bubble. As a full time crypto person, Hannah needs to remind herself that obvious solutions to her, are not obvious to others. 

For the rest of us that don’t live in Hannah’s bubble, we dig into what the Chicago seen is like. She starts with the B.O.B. meetup group and tells us how thankful she was to have pioneers like Brooke Mallers and Pamela Morgan

“I really see crypto as ‘Power to the People’ via technology.” -Hannah Rosenberg

Hannah started out holding events and creating trustworthy information during the 2017 crypto rush. After one of her events a woman from her Alma Mater, UIC, reached out to her. They began talking and the next thing she knew, she was creating a curriculum. She loves teaching because she gets to emphasize the potential impact the technology has on the world.

Additionally, you’ll hear topics like: 

  • Crypto Commerce & Lightning Network
  • Gresham’s Law 
  • Velas Commerce Crypto Payment Integrations
  • What a world with crypto for her children will look like
  • Her thoughts on the trajectory of the industry
  • What she would change about the crypto industry

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