LAB Radio Episode 12 – Pirate’s Parley | Chris Groshong of Coinstructive and the San Diego Bitcoin Meetup

This is a re-post from The Captain Crypto Show by Kylan Hurt

Kylan is a Full-Stack developer for a Cryptocurrency wallet provider called Edge (formerly Airbitz). He specializes in such languages as: PHP, Javascript & jQuery, MySQL, Angular.js, Python, HTML, CSS

After listening to this show you will learn:

  • Chris’ corporate background and how he transitioned into the Crypto world
  • How he got his start as a Bitcoin community organizer
  • What CoinStructive does and how it works
  • A look at the Cryptocurrency industry and how its changed since 2014
  • Advice for eager onlookers on how to get started in the community

Many thanks to Kylan and The Captain Crypto Show for recording and producing this episode.



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