GBA Conference and CA Blockchain Working Group

We’ve got two announcements for you regarding the Government Blockchain Association(GBA) conference and the California Blockchain Working Group.

CA Blockchain Working Group

The California Blockchain Working Group will be holding it’s next meeting in Berkeley, CA on Feb. 7th. at 10am. Please follow the link to sign up for notifications or view public notices. As usual, comments can be made up to one day prior by sending them to

The Future of Money, Governance and the Law

The Government Blockchain Association(GBA) is hosting a conference on Friday January 31st, in Washington D.C. at the US Capitol Building. I believe there are still some tickets available if you’re interested in attending in person.

If you can’t attend in person they are hosting a virtual conference which may better suit your schedule.

A couple of notable speakers:

  • Tim Draper
  • Scott Stornetta
  • Dan Larimer

I will be attending in person and hope to get some fantastic audio from a diverse group of guests for LAB Radio. I am really looking forward to this event and will report back.


There will also be a meeting of the ULC in DC on the 31st and 1st of February. I will attempt to head over to and say hello to some of the members I’ve chatted with during our phone calls, but have yet to meet in person. Here’s their agenda.

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