Wrap Up: GBA Conf, ULC and CA Blockchain Working Group

We’re back from the Government Blockchain Association(GBA) conference, the ULC Emerging Technologies and the California Blockchain Working Group meetings.

CA Blockchain Working Group

The California Blockchain Working Group held it’s last meeting in Berkeley, CA on Feb. 7th. at 10am. Several handouts are available at the Gov Ops Blockchain Working Group site.

After quorum, we dove right into the definitions again. Every time we revisit the definition it’s like people are seeing it for the first time and find something that must be changed. I have a feeling the definition battle will wage on quite some time.

When we got to “Blockchain Use Cases”, every single imaginable topic was on the agenda. I swear it was 2015 and 16 all over again. This is where the majority of the day was spent.

There really wasn’t much to report from this meeting because it was just everyone explaining their best Use Cases. It was kinda brutal.

I’m hoping there is something more bountiful from the next meeting, whenever that may be.

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