LAB Radio Episode 10 – Steven Masur, Veteran Emerging Technology Legal Counsel and Partner

Steven Masur has over 22 years of legal experience advising emerging companies since the days of the Internet and most recently the Blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation. His practice focuses on corporate finance, M&A, intellectual property, entertainment, and guiding startups. Steve has extensive experience in angel and venture capital finance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and cross-border transactions in Europe and Asia.

Previously he counselled enterprise level clients like Shazam, Virgin Mobile, Liberty Media, Yamaha, Nielsencounselledics, Bob Vila and Conde Nast Publications in corporate, digital media, and new business matters. His knowledge has guided a wide variety of industries including media, mobile, digital music, social media, augmented and virtual reality, software and hardware.

Today, Steve is a partner at Masur Griffitts + Co, LLP, a full-service transactional law firm which guides emerging companies of all sizes and industries navigate uncertain waters as rapidly growing technology meets regulation.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Steve began his career as a drummer and eventually entered the legal field
  • How Steve thought that the Internet was a once in a lifetime opportunity that he never thought he would see again
  • How although law hasn’t fundamentally changed, these new industries create consternation among market participants
  • How the Howey test is a big discussion among legal circles
  • How the Munchee case affects the Howey test and the outcome of it
  • How the SEC doesn’t necessarily want people to stop doing ICOs
  • How companies need to be mindful is their coin is a security or utility token
  • How the Phreakers, Cypherpunks and Cyberpunks were early web pioneers and how the movement is alive and well
  • How Steve believes you need to find what excites you and follow that drive


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