LAB Radio Episode 11 – Sheree Ip, Legal and Blockchain Development of and Ledger Assets

Sheree is a lawyer in Australia and is currently the Legal and Blockchain Development lead at an automotive blockchain company, BitCar. She also provides Legal and Compliance for an Australian based blockchain company, Ledger Assets which included work with a spin-off blockchain energy company, Power Ledger.

Sheree’s expertise spans across all stages of blockchain development from strategic architectural design, product implementation and compliance, through marketing.

She is an Academic at Curtin University’s Law School in Western Australia teaching across various areas of law and a Doctoral Candidate researching in Digital Currency Law and Blockchain Regulation.

Finally, Sheree cofounded Certus Consulting bringing her legal experience from a variety of sectors to current blockchain projects. She is a qualified Practitioner and a Board Member of Blockchain Australia helping lead the conversation around regulation and policy reform matters.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Sheree got into the Blockchain field and her vocation
  • How Sheree is brought on board for projects to evaluate the different laws and also future-proof projects for future regulations
  • How initiatives need to go through a set of particular privacy laws in Australia such as data management and storage
  • How Blockchain Australia helps provide guidance for lawmakers and facilitates comments from the industry
  • How their policy work helped prevent a double taxation event for Bitcoin in Australia
  • What Sheree would change about the industry
  • What Sheree looks for in high quality and integrity projects

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