LAB Radio Episode 16 – Sarah Hody and Valeria Bystrowicz-Liendo of Perkins Coie, International Law Firm with specializations in Technology and Blockchains

Sarah Hody, Esq.

Sarah Hody counsels entrepreneurs, established tech businesses and innovators on a variety of regulatory matters, primarily in the fintech and blockchain industries. Sarah is well-versed in state and federal financial services regulations, data security, privacy, intellectual property and regulatory compliance.

Sarah’s background includes serving as in-house counsel at Coinbase, a digital asset exchange company as well as assisting token crowd sales (ICOs), asset-backed digital tokens, peer-to-peer lending, corporate governance, Bank Secrecy Act compliance, FINRA arbitration and financial services litigation.


Valeria R. Bystrowicz-Liendo

Valeria Bystrowicz-Liendo advises emerging growth and established technology companies in the United States and Latin America, with a particular emphasis on blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT).

As part of the Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency industry group, Valeria has been at the forefront of the legal and regulatory frameworks related to virtual currency and blockchain. She has represented clients in launching commercial platforms powered by blockchain tokens and counselled teams through their initial coin offerings (ICOs) process by offering regulatory guidance and corporate advice in engineering domestic and international corporate structures.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Sarah and Valeria got started in the legal field
  • The challenges they faced as lawyers and how they discovered blockchains
  • How the law operates and requires taking a new set of facts and sifting that through existing rules
  • How there are tons of hard problems to be solved in the Blockchain world both technically and legally
  • How tokens, Dapps and other Blockchain focused applications will touch everything we do behind the scenes
  • How GDPR compliance, new European legislation is pushing the “right to be forgotten” data management policies
  • What Sarah and Valeria would change and want to see more of in the space


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