LAB Radio Episode 7 – Caterina Rindi, Blockchain Educator and Consultant

Caterina is a polyglot (multi-lingual), Blockchain educator, consultant and even TEDx speaker among other engagements worldwide. Caterina’s areas of expertise include bitcoin and blockchains education, training, mentoring, project implementation, community engagement, and technology integration.

Caterina Rindi comes from a background in education and non-profits; through her efforts developing more scalable opportunities and tapping existing resources via peer-to-peer technologies, she became involved in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem in 2013.

Caterina is a very social good, philosophy and sustainability-focused individual and implores us all to take these concepts more seriously in our personal and professional lives.

Today, Caterina lends her expertise to Fintech startups as well as other clients in industries ranging from P2P collaborative economies, consumer products, governance, and healthcare, and is helping organizations think about tapping the advantages of decentralized, transparent, secure databases and self-executing contracts.

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After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • Who Caterina is and what is her background
  • What is Caterina’s take on the ecosystem
  • What excites and scares Caterina about the Blockchain ecosystem
  • What she would change about the ecosystem


Further Reading and Resources


Check out Caterina’s TEDx talk “Blockchains, Burning Man and Bravery”:


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