LAB Radio – Episode 0 – Introduction to CoinStructive and Why We’re Doing The Show

Hello Friends,

We are proud to announce the inaugural podcast episode of LAB Radio, Learn About Bitcoin and Learn About Blockchain. This show emerged organically from within the CoinStructive team as a way to document various subject matter around this new technology.

Who is CoinStructive?

We are passionate change agents, enthusiastic about the promise of technologies such as Bitcoin and Blockchain and the other influencing parts to this burgeoning ecosystem. As a company We provide business solutions to all industries from Startups to Enterprises.

We (the CoinStructive team) come from diverse backgrounds and seek to bring our unique knowledge, networks and resources to the world. We respect the interconnected richness this fine planet has to offer and welcome the opportunity to promote a more open, virtuous and free world.

What does CoinStructive do?

CoinStructive helps speed up adoption, knowledge and implementations of these technologies through mutually beneficial and engaging dialogues, initiatives and partnerships with thought leaders in the space.


After listening to this LAB Radio podcast episode you will learn:

  • How CoinStructive began
  • The chance meeting of Chris and Aaron + their Bitcoin story
  • Why We’re involved in CoinStructive
  • What CoinStructive is all about
  • Why organizations should trust CS

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LAB Radio – Episode 0 – Introduction to CoinStructive and Why We’re Doing The Show

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LAB Radio Show Notes + Further Reading and Resources: