LAB Radio Episode 18 – Kim Parnell, co-founder of Blank, a “WordPress-like” platform for app development

Headshot of Kim Parnell of Blank

“I’m a startup founder, deep thinker, fitness enthusiast, amateur bio-hacker and I’m eternally obsessed with learning.” ~Kim Parnell, co-founder of Blank

Kim is a prolific event speaker, social media influencer, fitness enthusiast, startup mentor and has shared the stage with superstars across industries including Gary Vee.

Kim Parnell, the co-founder of Blank, is a seasoned startup veteran originally from Toronto, Canada. Blank aims to be a platform that builds apps automatically without code, thus making app development available to everyone. Her passion for Blank comes from her frustration in finding a technical partner during the early phases of her first software startup.

Alongside the team at Blank, she’s working to level the playing field so that anyone with an idea and the ambition to make it happen has the tools they need to do so.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How we reacted to an earthquake which happened live during our recording
  • About Kim’s background in film, entrepreneurship and eventually app development
  • A look into the Toronto startup scene and community
  • How more Women in STEM isn’t necessarily the issue we should be focused on
  • What some barriers are getting into Crypto and how to overcome them
  • Things that excite and scare Kim about the Cryptocurrency ecosystem

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