LAB Radio – Episode 2 – TNABC (Bitcoin Miami), The Social Implications of Bitcoin

The North American Bitcoin Conference was a great experience with people from across the globe, brought together under excitement and interest in a new and exciting technology, namely Bitcoin.


In the organizers own words:

Financial technologies are developing faster today than ever before. The North American Bitcoin Conference is the conference that not only brings you up to speed on the latest innovations, but plugs you directly into the brightest industry minds, preparing you for tomorrow. Boasting big name speakers, intimate size and opulent surrounds, this conference provides unparalleled access to the people and technologies that are redefining the world of payments. Bitcoin is the next chapter in FinTech.”

For a great wrap-up of the event visit our friends at Bitsabio:

We had the pleasure of interviewing the following people:

Each of these individuals are doing fantastic work in the space in various capacities. We were thrilled to spend some time talking Bitcoin, Blockchain and their individual stories and take on things.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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LAB Radio – Episode 2 – TNABC (Bitcoin Miami), The Social Implications of Bitcoin 

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