LAB Radio Episode 3 – SALT lending, a Blockchain-backed loan platform with Shawn Owen [WCEF 2018 Coverage]

Hey everyone, we’re back and we are resurrecting LAB Radio by talking to Shawn Owen of SALT. We caught up with many people building amazing things at the World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF). People like Shawn Owen of SALT, Rob Viglione of Zen Cash and even Chelsea Palmer of DCTRL.

For this episode, we spoke with Shawn Owen of SALT, a blockchain-based lending platform. This platform allows you to secure cash loans sent directly into your bank account with no credit checks and backed by cryptocurrency collateral through a smart contract.

Aaron Mangal, Chris Groshong (CoinStructive) and Shawn Owen (SALT), pictured left to right

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Shawn stoked the early flames of innovation in the Denver crypto community
  • How the idea of SALT was envisioned and began
  • How Shawn realized the power of lending around Bitcoin
  • How they bridge the concept of collateral and loans into cryptocurrency
  • Additional innovations added around lending and liquidity of assets
  • How access to capital is a bottleneck to the massive unexpected demand
  • How SALT works and which cryptocurrencies are available for lending and borrowing against
  • A macroeconomic view of the market and visibility their Blockchain offers
  • Shawns views on the current debt system

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