LAB Radio Episode 4 – Chelsea Palmer, Radical decentralist and organizer of the Decentralized Dance Party

Chelsea Palmer is a mega curious academic, activist and passionate decentralist of Decentralized Dance Party. What is a decentralist you might ask? Well, it’s someone who espouses the values of decentralization and Chelsea is it. (She also does rap around Technology and other open sourced philosophies)

With beginnings in the northeast USA, Chelsea eventually moved to Vancouver where she is helping run DCTRL, a decentralized hackerspace, located in British Colombia, Canada. They also organize the Decentralist camp at Burning man every year and are excited about this year’s theme: The year of the robot.

As stated on the DCTRL Meetup: “We are a Collaborative Community inspired by the ideas behind Bitcoin, Decentralization, and the Open Source movement.”

Finally, Chelsea is also a part of Decentralized Dance Party, a movement aimed at spreading the virtues of decentralization and financial inclusion through roving parties and gatherings nationwide.

Ready to become a decentralist? Great!

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • What is Decentralization?
  • What is DCTRL and how do they preserve the principles of Decentralization?
  • How Decentralization is kind of like Burning Man
  • What is the Blockchain and how does that fit in with Decentralization?
  • Why Decentralization scares people yet offers unprecedented freedom?
  • What excites and concerns Chelsea about the future of the ecosystem

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Here’s a nifty chart from an article on decentralization by Vitalik Buterin, leader of Ethereum:

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P.S. Did you know Chelsea raps about Tech and decentralization? Here’s one of her videos:

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