LAB Radio Episode 6 – Hans Lombardo of Blockpass, Digital Identity Management

Meet Hans Lombardo, serial entrepreneur and Technology journalist with a focus on China and Hong Kong. Hans has seen the birth of various industries including the Internet, Cloud computing, Big Data and now the Blockchain. Hans co-founded Chain of Things, a Hong Kong-based startup integrating blockchain and IoT devices.

He also built a data collection and analytics research firm focused on mainland Chinese high-technology industries which he eventually sold. As a technology journalist in the late 1990’s, he interviewed Jack Ma, Jerry Yang, Vinton Cerf and Richard Li Tzar Kai.

Blockpass is Han’s latest project and it incorporates the “internet of everything” and a blockchain based identity protocol. The magic of Cloud Computing allowed us to access data anywhere, so why can’t we do that with things like IDs or passports? Blockpass aims to use technology to evolve this situation by creating a “Passport for a connected world”.

This means your ID shouldn’t be locked down to the whim of a piece of paper, with this new digital identity management system, anyone with a smartphone can download an app and have their identity managed via the Blockchain in the Cloud. In fact, identities can even be assigned to other devices or objects, creating a truly connected world.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Hans got started and why he focused on Asia
  • What Has has been up to since we last spoke
  • How Hans it evolving Digital Identity Management
  • What Blockpass is and how it works
  • What Hans would change about the ecosystem today

Chris Groshong, CEO of CoinStructive interviewing Hans Lombardo of Blockpass

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