LAB Radio Episode 19 – Zane Witherspoon “DJ Eth Ledger”, co-founder of The Bureau and Dispatch Labs

Picture of Zane Witherspoon, DJ Ethledger and founder of Dispatch Labs

Sometimes known as DJ Eth Ledger, Zane is the co-founder and CTO @ Dispatch Labs, Founding partner at The Bureau, and co-organizer of the San Francisco Ethereum Meetup.

Zane is an experienced blockchain architect and distributed systems specialist. He is firmly entrenched as an expert in the blockchain world, sitting on the board of advisors for four California based blockchain companies, and is an author in the space. Zane’s entire life is focused on his desire to build something at the bleeding edge of what is currently possible.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • That Zane has a background in both Music and Technology
  • How Zane began his career doing Technology in San Francisco
  • About when Zane helped build one of the first Ethereum Meetups in the Bay area
  • What use cases excite Zane as a Blockchain developer
  • How Zane has tweaked functionality to bridge the gaps on smart contracts
  • What the future of development looks like
  • About how this technology will touch previously inaccessible smaller nations and small-town America
  • What the Bureau, Dispatch Labs and their incubator does in San Francisco
  • How the Cryptocurrency industry has an incredible ethos of using technology to change the world for the better


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