LAB Radio Episode 21 – Blockchain Week NYC Consensus 2018 Recap with Tim Francisco of CoinStructive, a boutique Blockchain consulting firm

Headshot of Tim Francisco

Tim Francisco has a background in B2B enterprise sales of hardware and software. He has worked at such companies as Dell, EMC, Cisco as well as the AI and deep neural network industry. Now Tim is helping build the Blockchain economy by providing consulting and introducing companies to platforms, services and other valuable information.

We discuss Consensus and our Adventures at Blockchain week.

Picture of Chris Groshong with Kowala
Chris Groshong, CEO of CoinStructive, posing with Kowala, a previous client and stable coin project that exhibited at Consensus 2018. We’re super stoked and proud of Kowala!


After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • Tim’s story and background growing up in Socal
  • How he was working at Cisco when the Internet as we know it didn’t exist
  • An inside look at working in the early tech industry (pre-Google and Amazon)
  • How many of the attitudes and patterns with people played out already in the Dot com era
  • How the parties were back in the early Dotcom days (with Lambos too)
  • How were are in a software revolution and why we’re excited to BUIDL
  • Tim’s chat with Vinny Lingham and their beer vending machine using Civic
  • How Tim bumped into the creator of Siacoin and CTO of Zencash
  • How we got to hit after parties attended by OGs like Charlie Lee, Fluffy Pony and Erik Voorhees
  • About Tim’s rim to rim canyon run in the Grand Canyon


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Pic of Tim and Magic Crypto Friends
Tim and the Magic Crypto Friends


Show Notes and Further Reading

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