LAB Radio Episode 13 – Joseph Ciccolo, CAMS, AMLCA, CFE and founder of BitAML

Joe Ciccolo, founder of BitAML, is an accomplished expert in building and implementing successful BSA/AML programs for traditional and non-traditional financial institutions offering a variety of banking products and services.

Following 10+ years in legacy bank compliance, Joe founded BitAML, a regulatory compliance advisory group devoted exclusively to helping bitcoin startups and innovators leveraging blockchain technology. BitAML allows him to share his subject matter expertise with those that share his passion for digital currency and all the potential it holds for the future.

Joe is a frequent guest speaker at both bitcoin and blockchain conferences. He also meets regularly with traditional bankers and volunteers his time and talents with the non-profit Blockchain Education Network.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • Joe’s background and how he got into the field
  • What compliance, AML and KYC is and why we need it
  • How the market has shifted over the last two years
  • What Joe does with BitAML
  • How he decided to tackle that niche
  • Specific problems he solves for organizations and how
  • A first-time sneak peek on a new SaaS software solution from BitAML
  • How Joe thought of it and what’s your roadmap for future development
  • What excites and scares Joe about the direction of compliance and regulation


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