LAB Radio Episode 14 – Dan Bates CEO of ImpactPPA and founder of WindStream Technologies

Dan Bates has spent the last 10 years as President, CEO and Founder of WindStream Technologies, a recognized leader in hybrid renewable energy systems. Under Bates’ guidance, the Company has deployed projects of all sizes in over 35 countries and established manufacturing facilities in the United States and in India. The Company has won international awards for product design, efficiency and sustainability and has developed strong relationships with the international renewable energy community.

Prior to starting WindStream Dan spent 15 years in the technology sector and has launched successful technology ventures in both hardware and software. Dan’s first technology venture, Extreme Audio Reality (EAR) was the first provider of multi-channel, interactive audio, designed for the PC and set-top box gaming arena.

EAR successfully licensed its products to all major game publishers including Electronic Arts, Activision, Id Software, Ubisoft and many others. After EAR, Dan started Avant Interactive, which was the Leadership first provider of an interactive or clickable video solution for content owners, publishers and advertisers. Avant was the market leader in this emerging sector, holding licenses and/or contracts with many of the Fortune 100 companies.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • Who is ImpactPPA and what they are doing
  • How civilizations experience turning points in growth by adopting technology
  • How ImpactPPA began and their original alternative energy invention
  • Why ImpactPPA will change how power will be delivered globally
  • How the Blockchain will be involved in this disruptive chapter of the Energy industry
  • How ImpactPPA lit up 150,000 homes in Haiti after 2 years of no power
  • How ImpactPPA tokens operate and provide value

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