LAB Radio Episode 17 – Jason Robert of Hello Sugoi, a Blockchain-powered live entertainment ecosystem

Jason Robert and Chris Groshong picture
Jason Robert, CEO of Hello Sugoi (left) and Chris Groshong, CEO of CoinStructive (right)

“Events are expensive operations. As a result, event organizers establish costly subsidies and artificial deals to maximize revenue and minimize risk, ultimately hurting the entire event financing process”Jason Robert, Co-founder & CEO of Hello Sugoi

Jason is Co-founder & CEO of HelloSugoi, the world’s first blockchain powered live events ecosystem based on Ethereum. The team over at Hello Sugoi operates on principals that the event coordinators and customers deserve a fair system in which to operate. Currently, the model is flawed with intermediaries, risk, fraud and price gouging. With the Hello Sugoi platform using smart contracts to issue tickets adds transparency and helps disrupt inefficiencies in the current system.

He also co-founded the popular “Real World Blockchain” meetup and is the founding instructor at Product School’s “Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies” course in Los Angeles, CA. Jason has facilitated numerous public speaking engagements on the topic of blockchain and the entertainment industry, including appearances at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, BlockCon, SF Music Tech Summit, XLIVE, and SXSW.

After years as a touring drummer, he founded Lost Midas, a music production company. While there, he negotiated recording, publishing, and live event agreements. He released several albums to critical acclaim by the BBC and NPR, and performed extensively across North America and the UK. Jason has also composed original songs at BMG Production Music for high-profile TV shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Netflix, and Showtime.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Jason Robert got started and his background
  • The problems artists and event attendees face
  • How the Hello Sugoi Platform works and solves problems
  • How Jason began to learn coding and met his coding Ninja co-founder Angello
  • Why Jason and the Hello Sugoi team are focused on value, product and user experience
  • How many organizations need to ask themselves if they really need a Blockchain (or not)
  • Why Jason thinks we need to focus “BUIDL” vs hype and speculation


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