LAB Radio Episode 24 – Jess Houlgrave, Founder of the Codex Protocol, an ERC-721 non-fungible token and decentralized title registry for art and collectibles

Jess Houlgrave, COO and co-founder of Codex Protocol

After writing an M.A. thesis on the use of blockchain technology in the art ecosystem and working at Sotheby’s helping collectors to bid at auction, I co-founded Codex Protocol, a decentralised title registry for art and collectibles. I previously spent six years in the finance industry. Sailing enthusiast and collector of old maps.

Jess Houlgrave is an Oxford educated, business-focused entrepreneur that saw the connection between art, the Blockchain and business. This led to the creation of the Codex protocol which aims to give an identity to objects such as art and collectables. Ultimately, this enables tokenization of an asset that was once a much more cumbersome process.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • How Jess initially got into the Blockchain
  • The connection Jess saw between Blockchain and the art world
  • How that led Jess into the academic world and ultimately publishing a thesis paper
  • How there was a perfect storm for Jess to combine her non-technical business and investment skillsets to create the Codex protocol
  • How Jess was really excited by the creativity and diversity of the Blockchain scene
  • Some tips on how to pick A players and manage a remote team across the world
  • How they use all hands meetings three times a week to keep people and incentives aligned
  • Why team building is such an important building block for success
  • About how art is a $2 trillion dollar asset class
  • How the Codex protocol works and helps tokenize art and collectables

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