LAB Radio Episode 25 – Faruk Okcetin, co-founder of Cryptolina

Faruk Okcetin, co-founder of Cryptolina

“Faruk Okcetin is an experienced business professional and lifelong entrepreneur. He has been actively involved in a wide range of businesses, including Real-Estate, Mortgage Finance, Restaurants, Technology, Blockchain, Medical Devices, and Biometrics. Faruk takes pride in taking ideas and implementing strategies to bring them to fruition. Having been an investor and part of a number of start-ups, he truly relishes in building a strong brand awareness, and applying the correct marketing and sales efforts in order to achieve optimum success.”

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • About Faruks business background and how he discovered Blockchain
  • Opportunities he sees for non-technical business people in the Blockchain industry
  • How Faruk had an “aha” moment about his role in the space and how he came to that realization
  • What the Cryptolina is and what the event is all about
  • Why they believe in promoting other conferences and leaders in the space and region
  • Why it’s important to help others find legitimate opportunities and obtain the tools and resources to be educated
  • Faruk’s answer to whether Blockchain will change the world or not
  • How credit reporting, real estate and underwriting are a big untapped opportunity of the Blockchain


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