LAB Radio Episode 26 – CJ Smith, co-founder of CryptoBlockCon, a global Blockchain event series

CJ Smith of CryptoBlockCon

CJ is an entrepreneur, event organizer and the co-founder of CryptoBlockCon, a global Blockchain conference series. CJ previously worked as a business analyst and digital marketing professional which he still does through his company, FineTuned strategies.

CJ is also a musician and passionate community builder, which he is proud to share with the industry. With previous experience with an event management company, CJ brings this expertise to the Blockchain space.

CryptoBlockCon Logo

“We convene hundreds of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts to talk about the future benefits & possibilities of blockchain technology & crypto assets, and showcase companies who are using blockchain to improve industries with increased efficiency, security and transparency.  At CryptoBlockCon you will hear from top speakers and experts on blockchain technologies, network with investors, advisors, founders, and thought leaders, and learn actionable insights on how to leverage blockchain technology in your business.   At CBC we’re passionate about the space, the future for cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and what the technology can hold.”

CryptoBlockCon is a global conference series which brings together investors, advisors, founders, and thought leaders on blockchain technologies and crypto assets. Cities covered include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City and London. CBC aims to help bring together a diverse group of Blockchain professionals, enthusiasts and noobies alike.

Group picture with CJ Smith, Aaron Mangal and Chris Groshong
CJ Smith, founder of CryptoBlockCon, Aaron Mangal, co-host of LAB Radio and Chris Groshong, CEO of CoinStructive (Pictured left to right)

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • Where CJ is from and how he got started
  • How CJ got into event management and then the Blockchain niche
  • Things CJ likes and dislikes about different events and how he improves on that
  • Examples of what a good event looks like
  • What Blockchain projects and use cases CJ is most excited about
  • CJ’s take on the different scenes across the world
  • What excites and scares CJ about Blockchain technology


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