LAB Radio Episode 28 – David Bleznak, CEO and founder of Totle, a Crypto Portfolio Manager and DEX Aggregator based on Ethereum

David Bleznak, founder and CEO of Totle

David Bleznak is the founder and CEO of Totle, a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) aggregator. David is a serial entrepreneur and crypto asset investor. His background in real estate finance offers a unique perspective to the crypto space.

With a business degree from the University of Michigan, David began his career in commercial real estate. He joined his brother and father in metropolitan Detroit where he led acquisitions and developed Bleznak Group’s fundraising platform.

Leveraging his deep understanding of finance, business administration and software development he generated extraordinary cash-on-cash returns for investors in excess of 50% among retail, industrial and multifamily investments.

David saw opportunity in the blockchain space with the maturation of the Ethereum Foundation in 2014 and began to diversify his real estate earnings. His frustration with the lack of existing crypto asset administration software eventually led him to pursue developing Totle.

How Totle Works
Totle searches for the best prices across a variety of exchanges and executes on your behalf

Totle is a DEX Aggregator that pools the liquidity of the top ERC-20 token decentralized exchanges (DEX) by finding and executing a buy or sell at the best price in real time. It attaches to a variety of pre-existing decentralized exchange (DEX) services like Kyber Network, dEX, Loopring, Makerdao, Radar Relay Ether Delta and AirSwap.

Totle Logo

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • David’s background and how he got started in the Crypto space
  • What a CEX is, how they work and what they do
  • How CEXs maintain custody of funds AND price feeds under one roof
  • How this is a conflict of interest for CEXs and why
  • What a DEX is and how it differs from a CEX
  • What Totle does compare to IDEX or Ether Delta
  • Why they built on Ethereum (ERC-20 supported)
  • David’s insights and takeaways about Blockchain and DEX technology



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Show Notes and Further Reading

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