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SIM Swap Asset Recovery

Get your money back now!

Once it has been established that a SIM swap theft occurred, we reach out to the telecom company on behalf of the victim. Attorneys rarely take these types of cases due to the relatively low monetary threshold and tediousness associated with such cases. We work tirelessly to negotiate a settlement on behalf of our clients, doing all the work that an attorney would.

Finding the right person to speak to these companies is difficult. It will never suffice to call customer service. It is necessary to get in contact with the “higher ups”. Negotiating is even harder – it requires special skills, patience, and of course, time. Once in touch with the proper contacts, we will submit our demand along with all relevant reports regarding the theft.

Most victims do not have the time or resources to pursue recovery and will be left without any compensation. We are providing a service that is very rare to come by and our clients will be satisfied to know that somebody is fighting for them when no attorney would. There is no risk for the client, as we will work completely on commission in most cases.

Money Transmission Licensing

Licensing Made Simple

Our team of dedicated MTL professionals are ready to help you navigate the nuances of the obtaining money transmission licenses in all 50 states and 3 territories.

We help with:

As Project Managers, we build and execute a plan to obtain licenses tailored for your company that is as effective as a law firm at a fraction of the cost.

We utilize a confidential and collaborative approach, emphasizing frequent communication to expedite the licensing process.

Self Directed IRA Consulting

Build a diverse retirement portfolio!

Have you ever wanted to add crypto to your retirement portfolio, but the complex nature of bitcoin makes you hesitate?

There are many ways to add crypto to your retirement portfolio, and we can help you utilize the tricks of the wealthy to do so.

Let us teach you how to:

Bankruptcy Receivership Consulting

Winding Down Businesses With Crypto

More and more businesses are adding crypto to their balance sheets. What happens when a company with crypto assets under management goes bankrupt?

Utilize a firm steeped with cryptocurrency investigation experience to aid with painting a picture of what happened with the all of the assets.

Our President, Chris Groshong, contributed to the recent proposed adaptations of the Uniform Commercial Code to include cryptocurrencies and digital assets, like NFTs. His contributions will shape the future of bankruptcy.

Divorce - Digital Asset Provenance

Division of Crypto Assets

Some loves last forever, and for those that don’t, there’s forensic crypto tracing! 

Avoid a messy split by letting us help trace any crypto investments made during your marriage. 

If you’re a Divorce attorney working with clients who own crypto assets, please contact us!

Expert Witness

An Asset to Your Legal Team

In 2019, Chris was hired to serve as an expert witness and took the stand, answering questions in a Federal Insurance fraud case involving cryptocurrency. His testimony helped procure a decision in the plaintiff’s favor involving millions of dollars.

As an Expert Witness, Chris will provide:

If you are a Lawyer or a client in need of an Expert Witness please reach out to discuss how we can help you.