The Phoenixing- CoinStructive’s 2019 rise from the ashes

Nearly reduced to smoldering rubble during this bear market, CoinStructive is rising from the ashes in 2019.

Why was 2018 so difficult for CoinStructive?

Like many businesses who have felt the pressures of over an 80% contraction of the market, we too have been affected by the lack of capital flow within the industry. This caused two of our largest clients in 2018 to break their contracts with us. We are still awaiting payment and will most likely never see these funds.

As a boutique firm we work on high impact, albeit few, projects with network effect potential. We were not and never will be a churn and burn ICO factory. We work on projects with companies who intend to disrupt their current respective industries. When a boutique firm gets the shaft, the ripple effect is enormous.

Don’t get me wrong, 2018 wasn’t a total loss. My team and I were able to grow and hone our skills. We increased our range of service offerings and we worked on some solid projects. Nonetheless, 2019 is going to be a lot different than 2018.

How will 2019 be different?

Nice businesses cease to exist and niceness alone finishes last. That’s why CoinStructive is implementing:

  • New client contract structure solutions to prevent client shortcomings
  • Stricter adherence to productivity through efficiency gains in time management
  • Work less and accomplish more
  • Don’t use excuses like “too busy”, instead use terms like “I have other priorities”

2019 is also going to be different because we are now offering continuing education for California Law Enforcement with plans to expand to other states. We also expanded our continuing educational offering to Banking Risk Compliance professionals with accreditation by ACFCS.

Launching a new product will take some time. The one advantage we have is our law enforcement audience is somewhat captive. We are also seeing a lot of support for this course through our contacts.

We have officially partnered with BitAML for the regulatory and compliance related topics and their President, Joe Ciccolo, will be one of the instructors for the course. The course has two sponsors, Edge and CipherTrace. Edge is a mobile wallet based in San Diego and CipherTrace is a software to help track activity through blockchain transactions, based in the Silicon Valley.

2019 has more promise, focus and potential than in any years past. Thank you all for supporting CoinStructive’s efforts through the bear market of 2015 and today.

Don’t forget to check out the LAB Radio, which stands for Learn About Blockchain. In our next newsletter, we will discuss what’s coming down the content pipe for 2019. Big Thangs!

Happy New Year.

Chris Groshong