CA Blockchain Working Group & ULC Emerging Tech Committee Update – May

CA BLockchain Working Group

The California Blockchain Working Group is having a big push before their July 1st deadline to finish their mandated report. Last Friday, the 22nd of May, the group convened to position itself for finishing all aspects of the report. The one hangup that the group keeps having is about the definition. It’s a bit of […]

California Blockchain Working Group – April update

CA BLockchain Working Group

CA Blockchain Working Group The California Blockchain Working Group held it’s last meeting exclusively over Zoom, on April 7th at 10am. Several handouts are available at the Gov Ops Blockchain Working Group site. Here’s a link to sign up for notifications or view public notices. As usual, send comments up to 1 day prior to […]

Ep 83 – Election Authenticity in Latin America and beyond

We count the votes together Carlos Toriello is changing the political system in Latin America. He is the face of a volunteer movement, consisting of concerned citizens in Guatemala, called Fiscal Digital. This translates to, “The Digital Witness”. Their goal is to perform real-time post-election audits of paper ballot elections in a corrupt and broken […]

Ep 82 – Darknet Crypto Research with Cedric Dahl

Ep82 - Cedric Dahl

Darknets Rising The Darknet is powered by cryptocurrency. On episode 82 of LAB Radio we speak with Cedric Dahl of 1000X Group about this controversial place. Most people have heard of the Darknet, but know what really goes on or how it operates. We dispel some myths and provide insight to why crypto is used […]

LAB Radio – Ep 81 – The Free Republic of Liberland with Joseph Langenbrunner

Joseph Langenbrunner - Liberland

The Creation of a New Nation Welcome to the Free Republic of Liberland. Wait you’ve never heard of this country? “Well, that’s a pretty normal response”, says Joey Langenbrunner, Deputy Head of Mission to the United States. Liberland is new. The micronation, like Somaliland, will have existed for 5 years on April 13th, 2020. The […]