The Social Engineering Scam

Social engineering is a general term used by most Crypto Investigators today. This is a scam right out of the gate, however, the victim, does not believe it to be true. Social engineering is when a scammer creates a fake profile, often times copying an individual who is well known or provides a false online identity to the victim, which entices the victim to develop a relationship.

The Social Media Scam

Using Social Media is a big outlet for scammers. In this video we discuss how scammers create false profiles and develop relationships with people who are interested in Cryptocurrency and investing in Crypto. Targets include those vulnerable to making and trusting online relationships, and seeking online opportunities to advance their status or investments. We discuss […]

CA Blockchain Working Group & ULC Emerging Tech Committee Update – May

CA BLockchain Working Group

The California Blockchain Working Group is having a big push before their July 1st deadline to finish their mandated report. Last Friday, the 22nd of May, the group convened to position itself for finishing all aspects of the report. The one hangup that the group keeps having is about the definition. It’s a bit of […]

The Best of 2019 from the LAB Radio – Episode 80

Best of 2019 LAB Radio

This episode is LAB Radio’s “Best of 2019”. It’s composed of several clips from guests over the past year. For many, 2019 will be one of those years in crypto that won’t stand out in people’s minds much. It wasn’t flashy. There wasn’t a lot fanfare. CNBC wasn’t pumping XRP. It was quiet and people […]

Why Libra is the biggest Facebook mistake of all

Libra FB II

Facebook is so 2017.  I wonder how much the Facebook Libra/Blockchain team considered the regulators perception to ICO’s when making their announcement publicly? Was it part of their plan to rustle more feathers? Or was it just a marketing campaign to help open communication channels with “…governments, central banks, regulators, non-profits, and other stakeholders…” as […]