LAB Radio Episode 51 – A chat with Erin Nakamoto Las Vegas Bitcoin Meetup Organizer [CryptoBlockCon Coverage]

This episode of LAB Radio was a part of our coverage of CryptoBlockcon where Chris Groshong interviewed Erin Nakamoto, organizer of the Las Vegas Bitcoin Meetup.

Cover picture of Erin Nakamoto

As described on Erin’s website, here’s a brief bio:

“My story is a relatively short one. I was working in DTLV in the group sales department of the D Las Vegas in 2014 when they announced to the staff that they were now accepting bitcoin for payment. They had us open a Blockchain wallet, told us not to lose our passwords (private keys) and gave us all a small amount. That same day, I had a gentlemen call me and ask if he could host a bitcoin meetup at our hotel. We met, and the rest is history!

…WELL, fast forward a couple of years, I absolutely lost my private keys, but that same gentlemen that called…not only did we plan an awesome meetup together, but we fell madly in love and are still together today. So, all in all, I lost $75 bucks but I found the love of my life so it worked out pretty well for me. My life has changed drastically.

I have since taken over the Las Vegas Bitcoin Meetup and host them monthly. Kingsley and I live in Las Vegas with our amazing pets and we live off of our crypto! It has been an experience, I’ll tell ya. Lots of highs and lows, but I feel like my life got way more interesting since I’ve started living this way. I have way more adventures and it’s a great conversation starter. If you ever need advice on how to survive off of bitcoin, I’m your girl. I’ve got tips for days. I believe in the power of the blockchain and believe it will change all of our lives. I believe in trustless, peer to peer, borderless technology. I use my crypto like I use my cash and while not everyone does that, I feel that this is the only way that we’re going to spread mass adoption. But hey, that’s just my .2”

Erin is a consummate influencer, event organizer (Las Vegas Bitcoin Meetup), connector and networker. We were thrilled to connect with her and talk Crypto at CryptoBlockCon.

Here is her interview:

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