LAB Radio Ep 66 – BitShares, BEOS and Quintric, a family of Graphene based Blockchain Projects (Part 1)

What is Graphene, BitShares and BEOS?

This episode is a bit of an open long form chat and deep dive with BitShares regular Michael Taggart. This is the 1st of 2 parts for this episode. We discuss Michael’s background, BitShares, and BEOS.

Michael Taggart, co-founder of BEOS and Quintric

Michael is a long time BitShares supporter and recently helped co-found an EOS clone to act as a middle-chain between BitShares and EOS networks and tokens.

“BEOS Limited Cooperative Association (BLCA) is the world’s first Non-Profit Cooperative Blockchain.

Designed as a middle chain, BEOS Blockchain allows interoperability between EOS/BEOS/BitShares based tokens.

BEOS is a new privately funded blockchain, a straight clone of EOS intended to serve as a middle chain between BitShares and the EOS main chain. Its goals are token portability and jurisdictional agility. It does these functions without requiring any modifications to or cooperation from either BitShares or EOS communities, neither of which are involved in its development.

BEOS tokens serve the same functions as the EOS token on the EOS main chain – giving holders voting and access privileges to network resources.

BEOS seeks to develop a new kind of censorship resistance by designing the blockchain to be “intra-jurisdictional” (confined to one jurisdiction) and ultimately “jurisdictionally agile” (able to control which operations take place in explicitly designated jurisdictions). If token portability and jurisdictional agility are what you are looking for, then BEOS is the best alternative to the EOS blockchain.”

During this episode, you will learn:

  • How Michael got started in Bitcoin around 2012
  • How he become a liason between the business and technical side of companies
  • A review of BitShares and what’s happened to date
  • What BEOS is and why it was created
  • How BEOS bridges BitShares and EOS as a middle chain
  • Why it will leverage the “$3 Billion R&D Department” that is EOS to ultimately benefit BitShares
  • How they are moving toward trust-less gateway and counterparty settlements
  • What excites and scares him the most about Crypto

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Be sure to check out part 2 to hear more about Quintric and the cooperative legal structure behind the BEOS BCLA.


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