LAB Radio Episode 22 – South Korea, Fluidity, Ethereal and Consensus 2018 w/ Munair Simpson, Entrepreneur and Contributor at CoinCentral

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Munair is a Wharton graduate, information technologist, engineer, entrepreneur, fitness model, Capoeira teacher, aspiring yogi and marketing strategist presently focused on cryptocurrency ventures. He also contributes regularly to CoinCentral, a Cryptocurrency news website.

We discuss South Korea, Fluidity, Ethereal, Consensus, and our adventures at Blockchain week.

After listening to this episode you will learn:

  • Munair’s story and background growing up in the Carribean and US before eventually moving to South Korea
  • How he got into the Blockchain space
  • An inside look at the community and scene in South Korea
  • Why Munair thinks Blockchains will change the world if we allow them
  • How South Korea had Cryptocurrency regulation from the bottom up
  • A recap of Fluidity, Ethereal, Consensus and Accounting Blockchain conference for Blockchain week NYC 2018


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