LAB Radio Ep 75 – Celsius Network

  Celsius Network is changing the game I was thrilled to interview, not only one of the Celsius Network top brass, but two at the same time. We rarely get a duo as dynamic as CEO, Alex Mashinsky and Head of Global Partnerships, Leah Jonas. I knew this was going to be fun and informative. […]

LAB Radio Ep 74 – InsureYourBit with Doug Moeller

Our guest on episode 74 of LAB Radio, is InsureYourBit founder and CEO, Doug Moeller. Doug is passionate about providing crypto related insurance to individuals and entities who regularly use uninsured third party custodians as a regular part of their business.  Stay in crypto long enough and you will eventually hear of or be a […]

LAB Radio Ep 73 – Lunch with Rockstar Developer

Lunch with Rockstar Developer

Who is Rockstar Developer? On episode 73 of LAB Radio, your host Chris Groshong visits with Rockstar Developer over lunch during a recent visit to Chicago. For those of you who are new to this personality or know little about him, you are going to find out why he is such a Rockstar. And he […]