The Best of 2019 from the LAB Radio – Episode 80

Best of 2019 LAB Radio

This episode is LAB Radio’s “Best of 2019”. It’s composed of several clips from guests over the past year. For many, 2019 will be one of those years in crypto that won’t stand out in people’s minds much. It wasn’t flashy. There wasn’t a lot fanfare. CNBC wasn’t pumping XRP. It was quiet and people […]

LAB Radio Ep 73 – Lunch with Rockstar Developer

Lunch with Rockstar Developer

Who is Rockstar Developer? On episode 73 of LAB Radio, your host Chris Groshong visits with Rockstar Developer over lunch during a recent visit to Chicago. For those of you who are new to this personality or know little about him, you are going to find out why he is such a Rockstar. And he […]