LAB Radio Episode 9 – Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, CEO of RSK Labs and co-founder of Rootstock

Diego is a veteran Technologist and Entrepreneur with a focus in Latin America and Argentina, having grown up there and along with various successful startups he built. Diego’s track record includes being part of the founding teams of Clarín Digital (a top Argentina newspaper website), (a financial community eventually sold to Banco Santander), Internet Argentina […]

LAB Radio Episode 7 – Caterina Rindi, Blockchain Educator and Consultant

Caterina is a polyglot (multi-lingual), Blockchain educator, consultant and even TEDx speaker among other engagements worldwide. Caterina’s areas of expertise include bitcoin and blockchains education, training, mentoring, project implementation, community engagement, and technology integration. Caterina Rindi comes from a background in education and non-profits; through her efforts developing more scalable opportunities and tapping existing resources […]